I can sum it up in one word: TRUST. I trust them to not only take care of my dog (Ginger) but they actually love her and I don’t worry about her being sad and lonely when I’m gone. They will stay overnight with her if needed.
I haven’t traveled in a while and they asked last weekend if they could stop by to see Ginger while they were in the area. Mike walked in the door and Ginger went nuts and literally jumped into his arms and started kissing him as she had missed him. Clearly he loves Ginger and she returns it. I highly recommend 2 Dawg Nite to everyone.
Tish (Costa Mesa,CA)

We are the Jakubek’s, and Mike, Emily and Mike cared for our three blue danes, Ellie, Sophie and Chloe, more than as pet sitters, as friends and family. We love you guys! And miss you!
John & Deborah Jakubek (Ellie, Sophie & Chloe aka poohbear) (Newport Beach, Ca) 

My cats love them!

I have used their service for the last two years anytime our family needs to be out of town. It is a pleasure and also adds to our piece of mind knowing that he is well taken care of. We have since added a puppy and know that he is in good hands when we cannot be there with him. I have used other pet sitters in the past and in my opinion 2 Dawg Nite is one of the best and most professional out there. Thank you Emily Mike & Mike!
LuvnLife41 (Newport Beach, Ca) 

My dogs and I love this place…

We have been using 2 Dawg Nite for the last three years. They are professional, flexible and very reliable. Our pets are at ease with Mike, Mike and Emily. We highly recommend 2 Dawg Nite!!
Steve T. (Newport Beach, Ca) 
2 Dawg Nite has reliable, professional, committed people taking care of your beloved pets!! These are trustworthy people who become friends and family. We feel so lucky to have found them..they are the best!!!!
bellesheila (Irvine, Ca) 

They take such great care of my animals!
Mike F. 
Highly personalized services. Huge dog lovers. I always know Annabel is getting loads of love and attention while I’m gone.
Amanda B.

2 Dawg Nite is the most professional and dependable service we have used (we went through 5 different service before we found them). It is nice to be able to go on vacation and not have to worry one bit about the the care of our pets. I recommend them 110%!
Nicole M. (Shady Canyon Irvine, CA)

The best pet sitters EVER! Friendly, professional, always flexible with my crazy schedule. The Mikes and Emily are amazing!
COBIKIM (Irvine, CA)

My puppy Quincy (he’s actually 8 years old) LOVES THESE GUYS! And when I was in Australia, they sent me a text message every day to let me know how he was doing; it was such a relief to know he was in such good hands!
Cali D. (Irvine, CA)

“My older cat is in renal failure and needs sub-q fluids daily. I travel for business at least 5 days out of the month and 2 Dawg Niteadministers medication and sub-Q fluids to my cat, Sparkle. They also do all the overnight stays when I am away. They literally saved my cat’s life last year when she was close to death. I could not care for my animals without the help of 2 Dawg Nite. I highly recommend them to anyone with pets.”
Mike Stokes (Irvine, CA)

“Tabby, one of four cats is diabetic, 2 Dawg Nite has been caring for all of pets for 4 years now and has been giving Tabby insulin shots when we are away and when we are on vacation. They frequently do overnight stays. Just knowing that 2 Dawg Nite is taking care of our animals gives us a peace of mind.”
Mr. & Mrs. Souza (Irvine, CA)

“2 Dawg Nite is a dependable, caring, loving, knowledgeable pet car company. They walk our dog four days a week. Thanks to 2 Dawg Nite, Kirby gets his daily walks and is a happier dog when we get home.”
Sara Cross (Newport Beach, CA)

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