10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean While Owning Pets

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Tips to Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

Pets are extremely unique creatures, ranging in shape, size, color, breed, and more. However one thing remains the same… and that is that pets can be very messy. To help I have added some simple things that you can do that will help you keep your house clean no matter how many pets you have.

The 10 Tips

1. Clean-up accidents Immediately – Don’t let accidents sit around unattended, clean them up as soon as you see them. This prevents a smelly mess and can teach the animal that this is not proper behavior if done correctly. This can include keeping a small bin and broom handy to sweep up hair and dander as soon as you see it.

2. Mop Once a Week, Vacuum Twice – This may seem like a lot of work but only takes a couple of minutes per room when done regularly. Remember the more fine hair and dander you can get rid of, the better for all who live in your home.

3. Keep furniture covered – Using an old sheet or blanket to cover furniture when guests are not visiting is a great idea to keep your furniture looking new for years to come. If you want to enjoy the couch or chair simply fold up a section for you to sit or just remove the cover completely. This can also be applied to your bed. Though company may not see your bedroom, it’s a great way to keep your bed free from pet hairs.

4. Give your pets plenty of time outdoors – Allowing your pets ample time to “do the deed” can prevent any mishaps or accidents from occurring inside of your home.

5. Add a Rug or Towel at Entrances and exits – Applying a rug outside door entrances and a towel inside of entrances can add another level of protection from dirt and grime in your home. As your pets walk to and from the house any extra dirt will be caught in the rug and again as they cross the towel on the inside of the door.

6. Scoop Litter boxes as Soon as they are Used – A great way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean is to remove excess from litter boxes as soon as they are used. Automatic litter box cleaners are also a good option if you are willing to make the investment.

7. Monthly Bathing and Grooming – Monthly Grooming coupled with bathing can make a huge difference in keeping your pets clean. Grooming and bathing has also been known to cut back on the amount of shedding from our pets.

8. Change – To keep your house super clean, you can change the bedding or cage paper for your pet every other day. This may be considered a bit extreme but has also been proven to work wonders with smell.

9. Get rid of the Carpet in the House – You could always consider getting rid of the carpeted areas in your house. By removing carpet and replacing it with hard floors can cut back on the amount of hair and dander that is left behind upon clean up. Also spills and messes are much easier to clean once the carpet has been removed.

10. Pets Live Outside – As a final but less desirable option you could always have your pets live outside. This way their visits inside the house are limited to short amounts of time, allowing you to clean less and keep your house extra tidy in the process.

In Conclusion: Pets and Home Cleaning

Following these 10 steps may seem like a lot of work but once you get started you will see the benefits far outweigh the work put in. You home will be fresher and cleaner than you previously imagined, creating a comfortable living space for you and guests to your home.