One of the most frustrating things with a pet is the inability to give them medicine they vitally need. We’ll tell you of a few methods/tricks you can use, but the truth is, you should start preparing your pet to take pills when they aren’t sick.

See, the most common way to get a pet to take a pill is to hide it in a treat. So, if from a young age, you teach your pet to relish special treats that they only get on special occasions, it will make it easier to get them to take the pill/treat concoction. The best treats to use are moist ones such as cheese, cream cheese, tuna or hot dog chunks, treats that will allow you to easily hide smashed pills and popped gel caps.

Now, there are some differences between giving a pill to a dog or cat.

So if you have a dog …

You’ll want to put the pill in a treat, but be sure and give the dog a couple of pill-free treats first before you throw in the one with the pill. Now, some dogs are pretty sharp so that even having been fed pill-free treats, they’ll sense the medicine in the key treat and eat around it. If that happens you’ll have to employ more direct methods.


Take your dog firmly, open his mouth and drop the pills as far back in their mouth as you can. Now clamp your dog’s mouth shut and hold until you see or feel them swallow. It shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds. Here’s a tip: if your dog licks his nose, it usually means he’s swallowed the pill.

If you have a cat, feeding a pill-infused treat may be best done by putting it in a bit of cream cheese and letting your cat lick it off your finger. You might just put it in their food dish. Since cats usually eat less than dogs, you may have to put the pill in several treats and spread the dosage out.