The Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Newport Beach

Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Newport Beach 2 Dawg Nite

Featured in hit television shows and movies like the OC, Newport Harbor, or Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Newport Beach is well known as the perfect travel destination for the entire family. And your dog is no exception. Newport Beach is a dog friendly beach that welcomes dogs daily. Before the hours of Continue Reading

Dog Park Safety

I forgot what it’s like to take it all in. Every smell, every sound and really notice the people and animals around me. In a busy city it’s easy to forget to slow down to appreciate nature, but at the dog park, the little things are hard to ignore. Sitting on a park bench, typing this article, I’ve already been greeted by two boxers and watched as a mutt found a crunchy leaf more entertaining than the few strangers watching him.

These places make you pretty grateful as a dog owner. Your dog will have a great time while reminding you to stop and smell, well, everything—once in a while. A dog park is paradise for a pooch. It gives them a place to run and be a dog. Sniff anything and everything they want, run off-leash and socialize with other dogs that are just as playful as they are.

Although these parks may induce utter bliss for some dogs, it can be a nightmare for timid or untrained dogs. If you are new to dog parks, and are thinking about planning a visit for you and your pooch, here are five tips to make this new experience a walk in the park.

1. Know the rules

To all those people who try to build IKEA furniture before reading the instructions, I’m talking to you. Check out the park’s rules before bringing your pup into the facility. Some parks may be against bringing toys and/or treats into the park, as it can incite fighting amongst dogs. So take the extra five minutes and get up to speed with the rules.

2. Maintain proper etiquette

Dogs will be dogs—sure, but that doesn’t mean you can throw proper etiquette out the window. Be sure to pick up after your pooch and fill up any water bowls that your dog emptied. Dog parks thrive on people and dogs working together so do your part. Also do no give commands or treats to other dogs. We know it’s not right to parent other people’s children, and the same rings true for dogs. If one dog seems to be getting out of hand, alert the owner or someone who works for the dog park.

3. Socialize your dog before letting him run free

If you have been your dog’s one and only and he hasn’t had a lot of interaction with other animals, this place can be terrifying. It’s best to visit the park before bringing your dog and to get a feel for the landscape. After seeing how many dogs are typically there on any given day, you can prepare your pooch before arriving. Bring your dog around other dogs in your neighborhood to make sure he feels comfortable and can safely play with other dogs. Make sure your dog is trained to know basic commands. Stop, sit, quiet and answers to his name are just a few commands than can help get your dog out of an altercation at the dog park. If your pooch seems to be too timid, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian and or a professional dog trainer. This is not an over-night process and could take some time socializing your pooch.

4. Always pay attention

It’s hard to believe some people don’t love dogs as much as we do, but in some cases, a park can be filled with hidden dangers. Whether the rumors of nail-spiked cheese in dog parks were true or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pay attention to where your dog is at all times and what and who he plays with. Not only will this guard your dog from these hidden dangers but it will also make the park a safer place.

5. Keep your dog healthy and happy

Before placing one paw into the dog park, make sure your dog is up-to-date with all vaccinations and is healthy to be around other dogs. Once your dog is healthy, he will be able to have a good time and make some new furry friends.

For more information on dog park safety and to follow-up with a dog park checklist, check out this article by Yahoo Pets.

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