Dog Walking 2 Dawg Nite!

2 Dawg Nite Pet Care provides dog walking and pet sitting services to residents of Orange County! We have been servicing the Orange county area since 1994. We service the cities of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa and Westminster.

Why Having Dog Walking Is Important?

As responsible pet owners, we all want what’s best for our pets. Although it is clearly evident that a daily dog walking program will benefit your dog immensely, a busy schedule can sometimes deter this from happening.. There are many benefits to using a professional dog walking service. Exercise is important for dogs of all ages, and a dog walking service can help owners provide it. 2 Dawg Nite provides dog running services. Daily dog walking when you are that the office or away and un able to let your pet out. Our dog walkers develop a personal relationship with your pet, giving them lots of love and reassurance during their visits.

Why Should You Choose Us for Dog Walking?

We don’t do group walks, so your dog will get our undivided attention during his walk. We’re happy to adhere to your pet’s normal routine and reinforce basic commands such as “sit,” “stay” and “come.” We also practice safety skills at all times. Our daily dog walks range from 30-45 minutes. We will walk around your neighborhood or to a local park. Topping off fresh water, treats and of course hugs and kisses are routine.

Dogs need exercise and activity to keep them mentally and physically healthy. According to, “without sufficient exercise a dog becomes bored, unhappy and unhealthy.” A bored, unhappy dog may become destructive and develop other problem behaviors. And these problem behaviors lead to many dogs being brought to shelters.

2 Dawg Nite offers discounted rates for multiple days booked a week. Our rates vary from 25 to 20 depending on usage.

Benefits of Using a Dog Walker

  • Provides socialization and mental stimulation thereby decreasing behavioral issues
  • Helps to maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
  • Offers a nice break in the day for dogs that have been cooped up for hours
  • Takes place rain or shine because even in bad weather your dog still has needs
  • Provides regular exercise that can have a calming effect on your pet
  • Eliminates your guilt from spending long hours at work
  • Provides peace of mind knowing you don’t have to rush home to avoid a mess
  • Provide dog running services
  • trusted care while away on business
  • Relieving expected mothers of dog walking duties
  • Pet care assistance for the ill or elderly
  • People juggling school and work: Between work hours, class time, and homework, you may find it hard to set time aside to walk your dog. Having a dog walker will ensure that your dog is getting exercise on a regular basis.
  • People who have very busy schedules: Those of you who are on-the-go with work, dinner time, children’s extracurricular activities, and other social meetings may find it hard to set time aside to walk your dog. But if you set a schedule with a dog walker, you will not have to worry about when the dog is going to get a chance to get some exercise.
  • People with physical limitations who cannot walk their dog: Whether you have a short-term or permanent physical limitation, dog walkers can help you keep your dog active when you are unable.

Dogs adapt and develop a bond with their dog walker very quickly. Many times, the dogs are sitting at the window, anticipating the visit. Here at 2 Dawg Nite we always enjoy seeing the excitement on their little faces and tails wagging when we arrive.