A Dog Walker Should Leave a Note

It isn’t unusual for dog walkers to walk a person’s dog when he or she is at work or away on a trip. In fact, this is a normal occurrence. However, in these instances it is important that dog walkers leave notes behind to detail the walk and any other care that was given. These notes aren’t a cute way for the dog walker to let the owners know they were there but are actually an important part of the service.

There are a number of reasons why dog walkers should leave notes, one of which is to detail any odd behavior. For example, if a dog that is normally happy and energetic becomes lethargic while walking, the dog walker, who may not be familiar with the dogs normal behavior, may not notice the difference. These changes could signify a larger problem, such as underlying health issues. By leaving a note behind, the owners will be aware that something is amiss.

Leaving a note also lets the owners know what exactly was done with the dog and the last time he was taken out. Some dog walkers also double as dog sitters, meaning they stop by the house to feed, walk, and play with the dog for an hour several times a day. In these instances, the dog’s owner will want to know if the dog was fed, if he ate the food, if the dog was taken for a walk, how he behaved during the walk, and for how long the sitter was in the home. It is also important to let the owners know whether or not any treats were given in order to avoid overfeeding the dog.

It is important that these notes be written in a professional manner in order to develop trust with the owners. They should also be left in the same place. This prevents the owners from having to search for the note and possibly missing it, which could make them wonder if the dog walker every stopped by at all.

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