The Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Newport Beach

Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Newport Beach 2 Dawg Nite

Featured in hit television shows and movies like the OC, Newport Harbor, or Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Newport Beach is well known as the perfect travel destination for the entire family. And your dog is no exception. Newport Beach is a dog friendly beach that welcomes dogs daily. Before the hours of 10 am and after the hours of 4:30 pm your dog can roam free (as long as they are leashed) on all ocean front beaches.

Extremely nice and well kept, Newport Beach is host to daily events such as swimming, body boarding, surfing, and good old grunion hunting. Quiet often, the most amazing thing you can do in a place as wonderful as Newport Beach is to take a simple stroll with you pooch so that you can both take in all beauty that Newport Beach has to offer. Located at 13331 Jamboree Road in Anaheim California, Newport Beach is one of the most well know and enjoyed beaches throughout all of California!

Newport Beach – #1 Laguna Beach

Also featured on popular television shows like the hit series “Laguna Beach” on MTV, Laguna Beach has several different dog friendly beaches to explore. Wonderful areas like Crescent Bay, Shaw’s Cove, Main Beach, and Moss Cove will take your breath away. Did you know Laguna Beach is actually the second oldest city in Orange County? Well it is, offering a deep rooted history both you and your dog can enjoy. Dogs with leash are welcome on the beach from September 17th through May 31st: before 9 am and after the hours of 6pm. However South Laguna Beach does not allow dogs of any kind.

Newport Beach – #2 Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar, affectionately known in Spanish as “Crown of the Sea” is breathtakingly beautiful. Some of Corona Del Mar’s many highlights are its fine beaches, cliff side views and quaint village shops. Corona Del Mar invites you to bring your leashed dogs out to play from 6am to 10am and in the evenings after 4pm. During the months of July and September the fairgrounds of Corona Del Mar feature horse racing which is a celebrated event.

Newport Beach – #3 Huntington Beach Dog Beach

Often called one of Orange county’s “dog-friendliest beaches” Huntington Beaches Dog Beach is well known for it’s love and appreciation of man’s best friend. Your dog can swim, surf, play some ball or just roam free up and down the massive beach front as there is no requirement for your dog to be leashed. Huntington Beaches Dog Beach is in fact the only beach in the whole of Orange County that allows dogs off the leash. The Dog Beach runs from 21st Street to Sea point and there are two designated parking lots which charge a buck fifty an hour.

What beaches have you visited with your dog? Do you have any favorites of your own?


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