10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean While Owning Pets

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Tips to Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

Pets are extremely unique creatures, ranging in shape, size, color, breed, and more. However one thing remains the same… and that is that pets can be very messy. To help I have added some simple things that you can do that will help you keep your house clean no matter how many pets you have.

The 10 Tips

1. Clean-up accidents Immediately – Don’t let accidents sit around unattended, clean them up as soon as you see them. This prevents a smelly mess and can teach the animal that this is not proper behavior if done correctly. This can include keeping a small bin and broom handy to sweep up hair and dander as soon as you see it.

2. Mop Once a Week, Vacuum Twice – This may seem like a lot of work but only takes a couple of minutes per room when done regularly. Remember the more fine hair and dander you can get rid of, the better for all who live in your home.

3. Keep furniture covered – Using an old sheet or blanket to cover furniture when guests are not visiting is a great idea to keep your furniture looking new for years to come. If you want to enjoy the couch or chair simply fold up a section for you to sit or just remove the cover completely. This can also be applied to your bed. Though company may not see your bedroom, it’s a great way to keep your bed free from pet hairs.

4. Give your pets plenty of time outdoors – Allowing your pets ample time to “do the deed” can prevent any mishaps or accidents from occurring inside of your home.

5. Add a Rug or Towel at Entrances and exits – Applying a rug outside door entrances and a towel inside of entrances can add another level of protection from dirt and grime in your home. As your pets walk to and from the house any extra dirt will be caught in the rug and again as they cross the towel on the inside of the door.

6. Scoop Litter boxes as Soon as they are Used – A great way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean is to remove excess from litter boxes as soon as they are used. Automatic litter box cleaners are also a good option if you are willing to make the investment.

7. Monthly Bathing and Grooming – Monthly Grooming coupled with bathing can make a huge difference in keeping your pets clean. Grooming and bathing has also been known to cut back on the amount of shedding from our pets.

8. Change – To keep your house super clean, you can change the bedding or cage paper for your pet every other day. This may be considered a bit extreme but has also been proven to work wonders with smell.

9. Get rid of the Carpet in the House – You could always consider getting rid of the carpeted areas in your house. By removing carpet and replacing it with hard floors can cut back on the amount of hair and dander that is left behind upon clean up. Also spills and messes are much easier to clean once the carpet has been removed.

10. Pets Live Outside – As a final but less desirable option you could always have your pets live outside. This way their visits inside the house are limited to short amounts of time, allowing you to clean less and keep your house extra tidy in the process.

In Conclusion: Pets and Home Cleaning

Following these 10 steps may seem like a lot of work but once you get started you will see the benefits far outweigh the work put in. You home will be fresher and cleaner than you previously imagined, creating a comfortable living space for you and guests to your home.

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The Best Hiking and Dog Walking Trails in Irvine

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Irvine’s Best Dog Walking Trails

If your anything like me, then there are times when going for a quick jog with the dog around the block or visiting the local park just isn’t enough. You crave wide open spaces, new scenery and excitement! If you’ve had similar thoughts or feelings than this article may just be perfect for you. Today I am going to go over 7 of the absolute best dog walking and hiking trails in all of Irvine. So please sit back and relax with your pooch as you enjoy my overview of 7 of the absolute best dog walking trails in Irvine.

Hiking and Dog Walking Trails

Shady Canyon Trail Loop Irvine, CA, US – The Shady Canyon Trail plus Loop is a mix of four large Irvine city bike-ways. The four trails… the Shady Canyon Trail, Bonita Canyon Trail, the Quail Hill Trail and the University Trail combine to form a seamless 9.5 mile scenic loop ride through the hills. There are several loop and semi-loop ride options available in the Irvine system, just check out their bike-ways map for more info. Two trailside water fountains are split the trail and there is plenty of lighting along the concrete bike-way sections.

Turtle Rock Trail Irvine, CA, US – The Turtle Rock Trail is a 2.63 mile aerobic workout. The trails take you up and down a series of concrete surfaces that stretch about 11 feet long and offer a smooth walk or bike ride. Shady Canyon Trail Loop is well-kept, with good landscaping and clean facilities. There are two water fountains located on the nearly 3 mile trail. Parking is available down at the bottom end located in William Mason Park. The pay rate is between $3 and $10 depending on the day (weekday, weekend, or holiday).

Venta Spur Trail Irvine, CA, US – The Venta Spur Trail is a 3.31 mile trail in Irvine California. Previously known as the location of the Frances Packing House, they closed down in 1971, and by 1997 the site became what is now known as the Venya Spur Trail. The Western side of the trail is a well shaded greenly lush landscape, while the eastern side is more wide open spaces. Tables, benches, and watering spots are located all along the trail. Nicely shaded and area peek out from the trails here and there. The landscape throughout the trail is both lush and green. Full service parks are located at both ends of the trail for your convenience.

Woodbridge Trail Irvine, CA, US – The Woodbridge Trail is quick 2.91 mile trail. Possible the most naturally beautiful of all Irvine bike trails, you scenery as you travel past the mountains and along-side two lakes while taking the scenic trail route. Enjoy the view while crossing a uniquely stylized bridge or head down past the tennis courts to the far side of the trail. Here you will find Woodbridge Village Shopping Center where you can take a stroll through the shopping mall, or pick up some healthy snacks after your trip through the trail.

Peters Canyon Wash Trail Irvine, CA, US The Peters Canyon Wash Trail is a multi-use trail that takes you from the Mountains of Irvine all the way down to the Sea! The trail carries across a total of 22 miles from Wier Canyon to Newport Bay. There are no restrooms or water at the start but they do become available as you travel down the trail and various parks become available to you. Those who enjoy this trail will be glad to know there Is a loop-back option.

Hicks Canyon Trail Irvine, CA, US – Most likely the shortest of all the park trails in Irvine, The Hicks Canyon Trail extends to a mere 2.28 miles. It’s safe to say, the epic scenery makes up for the short distance as you take in all there is to offer within the well landscaped Hicks Canyon Wash. There are benches and a trail side water fountain along the clean paths, and two on-trail parks containing 10 picnic tables, 2 restrooms, and 4 water fountains between the two.

San Diego Creek Bike-way Irvine, CA, US – The San Diego Creek Bike-way is an easy 10 mile trail that is visited by casual visitors and avid cyclists, as well as pedestrians with pets. Though the bike-way is only is only a 10 mile stretch within itself, much of the Class 1 and Class 2 off-road bike-ways intersect with the San Diego Creek Bike-way. In fact a whopping total of over 325 miles of off-road bike-ways cross with the San Diego Creek Bike-way at some point. That’s quiet a lot of area for you to enjoy with your lovably energetic pet!

The Best Dog Walking Trails: In Conclusion

Listed in no particular order, these are the absolute best hiking or bike riding trails for you and your pet. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article “Best dog walking trails in Irvine”. I hope this post has been beneficial to you and recommend you check back for even more dog related events, parks, hiking trails and more. As always your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!



Parts of this article “The Best Hiking and Dog Walking Trails in Irvine” were gathered by reading Wikipedia among other sources

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