The Top 7 Dog Friendly Shops in Orange County

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Dog Friendly shops in Orange County

Hello fellow pet owners! Today I would like to start this article by asking a question. Have you ever been searched through the phone books or listings for the best all natural food, toys, oven-baked treats, or equipment for your dog? Well, I can honestly say that I have. As a pet owner I know how muchContinue Reading

The Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Newport Beach

Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Newport Beach 2 Dawg Nite

Featured in hit television shows and movies like the OC, Newport Harbor, or Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Newport Beach is well known as the perfect travel destination for the entire family. And your dog is no exception. Newport Beach is a dog friendly beach that welcomes dogs daily. Before the hours of Continue Reading

Pet Separation Anxiety

pet seperation anxietyIt isn’t just children who suffer from the back to school blues—pets can suffer too. After a long, fun summer, an empty house can be a difficult adjustment for pets. Pet Sitters International advises pet owners to become familiar with the signs of pet separation anxiety and how it can be treated.Continue Reading

How Often Should A Cat Be Visited?

How Often Should A Cat Be Visited

Cats tend to be very self-sufficient, we must always remember that the domesticated cat depends on us for survival. Animals cannot call the doctor when they are sick or injured and cannot medicate themselves. They are dependent upon us for their food and basic well being.Continue Reading

Animal Communicator Offers Tips to Talk to Your Pets


Like most veterinarians, Cindy Houlihan talks to the animals that visit her hospital, The Cat Practice, in suburban Detroit. But Dr. Houlihan goes one step further. To make her patients less fearful, she explains each procedure to them. “I’m going to draw blood and as soon as we’re done, you’ll be able to go home,” she tells a patient. “I know you won’t like it, but if you lay still, I won’t have to start over and we’ll get youContinue Reading